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Leigh Number Plates


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There is a min order quantity of 4 for this item.
Any orders for a less than 4 digit will be refunded.

These are laser cut from high quality 3mm gloss black acrylic.
Weather proof, UV resistant acrylic that will not fade.

They also have a 3m self peel adhesive backing on each of the digits.
This bonds extremely well! You'll not need to worry about them coming off!
Just make sure you clean and degrease your reg plates before applying the letters.

Price is per letter. Please enter the quantity you require and leave a note at checkout for the letters/numbers you require.

Cut using the correct font (Charles Wright) for uk number plates and fully conform to current DVLA regulations regarding font sizing and style (79mm x 50mm).
This is the correct size for UK cars only - NOT MOTORCYCLE.

Please note:
you must be registered with the DVLA if using these letters to make NEW reg plates.
Anyone making new plates without being registered as a number plate supplier is breaking the law.

You are fine to stick these to your existing plates as you aren't making 'new' registration plates.
If you are doing this, please see below...

There are various versions of this font used to make UK number plates.
The style we use is the most commonly used version of the font used by most plate printers/manufacturers.
Please bare in mind our letters are not guaranteed to exactly match the version of the font used by your original plate manufacturer (namely 'M' and 'W' letters).
This is not a fault on our part and by purchasing from us, you accept this condition